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Our Services

Bell Real Estate has been providing real estate services to the marketplace for over fifty years. In that time tens of thousands of property sellers, buyers, investors, and renters have come to know and trust the integrity and empathy of our company and its employees.

Incredible customer service is considered a norm at Bells. Exceeding expectations is an outcome that our loyal clientele have come to expect as a standard. At Bells we are striving each day to learn and improve by every interaction.

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Property Sellers

Selling your home is one of the single most important and stressful times. We know that so much thought and effort is put in by you with preparation and planning leading up to the moment when you are ready to invite an agent into your home and trust them with the sale process.

At Bells we have marketed and negotiated for property sellers like you on tens of thousands of occasions in all types of market conditions. Each time building on our knowledge and understanding of our clients needs. Each time learning from the process and striving to continually improve.

All our agents are trained throughout their careers on the latest marketing techniques and negotiating skills to ensure that the sale of your home achieves an outstanding result, and your experience of the process exceeds expectations. We pride ourselves on the many thousands of property sellers who return time and again to our company to sell their homes and are equally thankful for the many that refer their friends and family to us knowing that they will receive outstanding service.

Below are some useful resources for home sellers:

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Property buyers

Buying a property can be a stressful time. Seeking the advice of one of our agents will help you through the process as there are many things to consider and understand which will impact your ability to purchase and your decision making. Our agents will help you as much as they can to prepare yourself to purchase in all types of markets.

Items to consider are:

·         Knowing your budget and achieving a pre-approval based on your financial circumstances and future family needs

·         Researching areas to decide which suits your needs taking into consideration your work needs, schools, shops, medial services, and other amenities

·         Understanding the market segments and how to research the recent growth and changes in the market

·         How to find comparable sales to assist with determining value using past sales available through web site data

·         Working out what are essential and non-essential features in a home to buy so you purchase the right property for your needs

·         How to make a strong offer to buy when competing with other buyers

·         What conditions of purchase you need to consider such as finance, building and pest inspections and others

·         Knowing all the fees and costs of purchase and what grants or discounts may be available to you

·         What happens after you’ve successfully purchased a house. Inspections, legal and settlement processes


You can find budget tools and information about home loans and mortgages on the MoneySmart website - Buying a home page

Due Diligence checklist


Investors/Rental providers

Investing in real estate can be rewarding, providing you with an avenue to build wealth, increase your cash flow and tax advantages. Deciding when and where to invest is a question with a myriad of answers. In our market we have all segments available to invest in. Some of the options include:

·         Detached houses

·         Units, townhouses, and apartments

·         Rural properties

·         Vacant residential and commercial land

·         Commercial properties including retail, offices, warehouses

·         Multi dwelling developments

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of real estate investments and within each item many different choices are to be made. Our sales team can assist you with working through the options and determining which is right for you and your circumstances.

Once you have purchased your investment property the work of management begins. At Bells we have a large team of experienced property managers who will work with you to ensure you achieve the best return on your investment.

The roles and responsibilities of your property management team are extensive. It’s certainly not just rent collection. Consider the following:

·         Assessing the possible market rent and achieving the best return

·         Reviewing rental applications and choosing the right tenant for you and your property

·         Placing the tenant in the property

·         Collection and disbursement of rent receiving in a timely manner

·         Reviewing and paying bills like rates and insurance

·         Conducting regular inspections of your property

·         Regular review and assessment of the rental income

·         Advising of any possible changes in the marketplace that could impact your rent

·         Monitoring of maintenance requirements

·         Advising of opportunities that exist in the market

·         Updating of your investment property value




As a potential renter through our company, we strive to provide you with a high level of customer service and empathy for your needs. We know that looking for a home for your family and moving can be stressful. Our property managers will always keep you updated and assist you with documents and literature to help you find and secure your next home.

Once you are one of our valued renters we strive to keep open the communication lines between us to ensure that should there be any changes of needs or circumstances we are there to offer support.

Please read the above in conjunction with the law changes in May 2021 at the following link:
Changes to Renting Laws