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Selling advice


Selling a property can be one of the greatest financial challenges you will ever face.

We at Bell believe that it should be a truly exciting and rewarding time, however statistically; the Real Estate Industry has regularly produced less than adequate results for the Consumer.

That is why we have developed "Success Keys for Selling". This is a program that gives you a highly professional and planned approach, and ultimately, a stress free and profitable experience.

              YOUR CHOICE

Start with the End in Mind

When deciding to sell, most Sellers start with the thought process of: ("How do I begin this process?") ("What should I look for in an Agent?")("What's the best deal?")

A better way to approach the sales process is to begin with the end in mind. ("What price would I be happy with?") ("What skills will my Agent need to have in order for me to get a great price?") ("What systems are in place to ensure buyers are brought to my door?")

From this newer perspective, you will know what to look for in an Agent. Listed below are the Success Keys for a Selling Program that we trust will assist with your successful sale.


Pricing your home

Market Value is often assessed by Sworn Valuers using the C.M.A. (Comparable Market Analysis) approach. Simply, they search recent results achieved by Real Estate Agents to find properties of similar standard to your own and using their sales prices as a guide, arrive at a likely selling range for your property.

Bell Real Estate has successfully been selling more than 3 local properties every day. As such, we have the database that independent valuers seek out to help establish market value in the local district.

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.
Over the years, the best prices have been achieved when the property is presented in its best light. It is like two $100.00 bills on display. If one is new and fresh, it will present better than an older $100.00 note that may have the edges torn off it and plenty of creases. Whilst both $100.00 notes have the same value, when given the choice, most people would take the newer looking bill due to its PRESENTATION.

Whatever your Motive for Selling, the process can be stress free and very lucrative with small improvements. Your Bell Agent is fully trained in the area of property presentation. They can provide you with tips today that give you plenty of time to lift the level of presentation of your property for when you do decide to sell.


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