Leasing Presentation Tips


A rental property should always be presented to the marketplace in its best possible light.

In fact, making a strong first impression is just as important when leasing as it is when

selling. An attractive rental property stands out. It stirs emotion, increasing the likelihood of

it being leased quickly and attracting a higher rental price. It’s also more likely to attract

house proud tenants who will in turn look after the property. With optimal tenancies and

higher returns in mind, here are a few tips.

• Start from the outside in, ‘curb appeal’ creating immediate attraction. Spruce up

the garden, lawn, paths, fences and any outdoor entertainment areas, removing

rubbish and tucking away bins.

• Clean the exterior of the home, including windows, doors and gutters. A fresh coat

of paint makes a property sparkle.

• Make the entrance attractive and inviting, and provide a welcoming doormat.

• Ensure the interior is spic and span, including windows, carpets and curtains.

Remove all non-essentials to create a sense of space.

• Maximise light with sunlight or high-wattage globes. Ensure good air flow, using

room deodorisers or flowers for freshness and ambience.

• Attend to all maintenance matters and repairs, from tap washers to squeaky doors,

inviting prospective tenants to simply sign up, settle in and relax!

While our staff professionally manage a wide range of properties across the region, they

can also offer objective presentation advice, together with other simple, proactive

strategies for maximising your returns. All you need do is ask!