It's the season to be selling - 7 Reasons why

There are many myths surrounding the property market, the ‘right time’ to sell probably the biggest. While many assume spring is the best time to sell, any time of year actually brings its own unique advantages. Properties successfully sell year round, 365 days a year. Here’s why.

People are on the move, whether for work, family, educational or personal reasons. There are always buyers in the marketplace, many waiting to buy as soon as the right property hits the market.

The festive and holiday season in particular sees many buyers keen to sign up and settle in before the New Year’s school and work commitments.

Buyers don’t take holidays, vendors do. Buyers might take leave from work, which only gives them more time to shop around, couples in particular using the opportunity to do their research, organise finances and shop together.

Supply and demand underpins the property market. Any properties listed at times of lower supply can attract respectively higher levels of buyer interest, seeing the supply and demand equation tipped in vendors’ favour.

These ‘non-peak’ periods can offer excellent opportunities, any market with relative demand outstripping supply only sending prices one way. 

Astute vendors don’t wait for the mythological ‘right time’, whether it be after Christmas, after Easter, after the footy finals or when the kids go back to school. They don’t list when everyone else is – they list when everyone else isn’t!

They also know that selling and re-buying in the same market procures the same net result.

While missed opportunities and ‘if onlys’ are always better avoided than lamented, myths are best busted with informed advice and facts. We’re here to help.