Win Them Over – Open for Inspections

A well-planned open for inspection can mean the difference between a fast, successful sale and a drawn out, potentially difficult process. It offers a precious window of opportunity to woo interested parties while they’re keen and excited, avid interest at this early stage also potentially prompting competitive buying and a higher sales price. Here are a few tips.

·  First impressions make lasting impressions, so beautify the property’s external façade, considering anything from gates and gardens to paintwork, patios and a welcoming door mat.

·  Indoors, inspect everything from top to bottom and replace or repair whatever’s necessary to create a welcoming environment requiring little or no work. 

·  De-clutter everything, from small trinkets to excess furniture, creating as blank a canvas as possible for interested buyers to envision their own dreams.

·  Ensure the home is sparkling and that carpets, curtains and blinds have been cleaned.

·  Introduce as much light as possible, whether using natural sunlight or strategic lighting, especially if the home is small or if it’s winter. Trim any bushes or trees blocking light from entering the home.

·  Use carefully-placed mirrors to create a sense of more space.

·  Remove pet accessories – and your pets on the day if possible. Add finishing touches, like ambient music, vibrant plants and flowers, perhaps a fruit bowl on the bench, and your best tableware, bedding and cushions.

·  Lastly, look over the property as objectively as possible – and remove yourself, leaving the subtle art of upselling to your agent.

A trusted agent can also provide objective suggestions for improvement, together with access to professional home stylists who will expertly implement that all-important wow-factor!