Dressed to Impress – Professional Home Styling


Even a relatively small investment into a property’s presentation can mean the difference between achieving an average sale price and an exceptional one. While cleaning up, sprucing up and fixing up are a given, our vendors are increasingly discovering the financial benefits of professional home styling.

Also known as home staging, the process of having an expert interior designer maximise a home’s visual appeal can potentially add many thousands of dollars to the final sales price.

The degree of styling can be arranged according to vendors’ wishes and budget. It may involve simply adding soft furnishings like handtowels, cushions and bedding to existing furniture, using a clever combination of existing and hired furniture, or completely re-styling an entire home for a knock-out makeover.

While professional stylists specifically tailor design to appeal to a home’s target market, they can also make simple, yet very effective changes to create the impression of more space.

For example, a large lounge room might be converted into both a flowing living and dining room, or a single bed might be replaced with a double to make a bedroom look larger.

Lighting can also be maximised or introduced to create a brighter, more ambient environment that captivates buyers from the get-go.

While costs vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the size of the property and the extent to which it is styled, it’s a comparatively small investment that we’ve seen pay for itself many, many times over.

Anyone wishing to appoint, or even make initial inquiries with, a trusted home stylist is welcome to get in touch for a referral.