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Bell Real Estate is acutely aware of our responsibilities to our clients, and to their customers. We do not allow our services to be used for the purpose of sending unsolicited email (spam/spamming).

We are highly sensitive to the privacy of client data and will not make available the list's names, addresses, or any other information to anyone without the subscriber's express permission. We also require that each message sent include a satisfactory option for the subscriber to remove himself or herself (ie. Opt-out) from the client's campaign.

Unsolicited Email (SPAM)
Unsolicited email (spam) is email sent to a recipient that has not requested (ie. Opted-in) whether or not that email is sent on a one time or repeated basis. 

Mailing Lists
Bell Real Estate does not sell or rent out mailing lists of our clients. Information about specific email recipients are shared only with the client who owns the list, on which the email recipients email address, originally appeared.

Data Storage
Bell Real Estate stores database lists on behalf of our clients. These lists contain email addresses and other demographic information. A client's list is never shared with any other clients, and is regarded as an asset of our client. Confidentiality of the client list is a top priority.

Data Security
Access to computer data and files at Bell Real Estate is secured by segregated, password-protected services. Our network is protected by a constantly tested firewall designed to prevent unauthorised access.